All Trans Fluid Leaked Out while is ruined?

85 Suburban, 6.2 Diesel, Auto trans. This just happened this PM so I am researching for best next move. Driving around 45 mph, noticed smoke, pulled off the road within 1 minute. Shut off engine, looked under and noticed that a cover (would like to know part name) on the rear of the trans (perpendicular to drive shaft) had came off. This was a metal cover, held in place by a stiff metal strap simlar to the hold down of an older style brake fluid resevoir. Anyway, I had to run the engine a few times to produce heat (was cold out with family in car) My question is two fold: 1. Is the trans. fried 2. What is the name of the part that is near the end of the transmission that the cover came off? to help describe better, the exposed part is a black do-hickey on a stainless steel shaft that can go either in or out.

First I believe you are speaking about the governer cover. Should be on the drivers side rear of the trans. Second I believe you need to replace the cover and refill the trans. I don’t think you suffered any damage. Hopefully OK4450 or Transman will chime in. They both have more tranny knowledge then I do.

In all probability your transmission will be fine once you fix the leak and refill it.

Let’s have a name that black do-hickey contest.

Here is a picture of the governor cover. Is this the part that fell off?

That sounds like the governor cover to me. First time I heard of the cover falling off. They usually rust out and start leaking. Make sure the governor is still in place before installing a new cover. Refill and pray it’s OK.

Michael, thanks for solving the “do-hickey question” And yes, that is definitly the location and even looks to be about the same size. Thanks for the answer, now it be be easier to locate that part.

Thanks to everyone that answered! I found this forum while researching and it is the only one that worked. I am going to attempt to find a govenor cover in the am, is this a part usually carried by most auto parts stores?

Also, is there any way yo screw up “making sure the govenor is in place” before putting cover back on and re-filling fluid?

Thanks, Patrick E

You wont find one at an auto parts store. I would check with a local transmission shop to see if they might have a junk transmission where they can give you the cover off of. Keep your fingers crossed that the trans is not fried.


Thanks, Transman…I know your right, i searched several parts sites and nothing…I am heading to the trans shop this am to see. PE

A salvage yard may have one on a junk core too if the tranny shop bombs out. Of course most of them close at noon if they are open at all on Saturday.