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Fluid Leak under 2006 Range Rover Sport HSE

I recently took my 2006 RR Sport HSE in for its 90,000 mi routine maintenance at the local dealership (now about a month ago)…I love my rover. They topped off all the fluids, changed all the filters and said that everything was looking good as always. The car isn’t driven much…basically gets under 5k Miles/year of use these days and I always schedule maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations. Knowing that the car sits in the garage most of the time, I make sure to start it every week or so, just to have the engine run for a good 10 mins…just to make sure things are “good”.

Yesterday I went out and started it, let it warm up, and decided to drive it around the block. Everything seemed fine, except the amber “check engine light” was on?!? Then, as I pulled back into the garage after my 2 mi drive, I noticed a large puddle of amber liquid under where the mid front of the car would have been. There is an obvious leak. I just don’;t know what it would be. Of course the RR dealership would be happy for me to come in and spend another 4-figures on “determining the issue”, but I am fearful to even drive it in for repairs? Could the leak be transmission fluid? When the car is running and in park, there is a steady drip of thin fluid coming from underneath the front area of the car around where the windshield would meet the hood). I’m simply trying to educate myself as much as possible on the potential issues. The fluid is a “dirty beige” color and has a slight petrol smell to it. I’m just hoping that this won’t kill Christmas. Any ideas? Possible that the dealership maintenance guys didn’t put everything back solidly? I find it suspicious that all of this happened directly after scheduled maintenance. Thanks in advance everyone!

It might be a transfer case or axle or engine oil. Have you checked the oil? I’d have it towed in (on a flatbed). The damage that could be done by driving it could be $$$$$$.

Dirty beige in color and a slight petrol smell. Sounds like engine oil. Check the oil level right now. Since you see active leaks, you should call for a tow. If the seal blows out while your driving and dumps all the oil, it probably will destroy the engine.

+1 to Bustedknuckles’ post. Amber is the color of oil, and of the filter or the drain plug wasn’t properly tightened, it could let loose completely on the way to the shop and wreck the engine. It DOES happen.

If it’s an improperly tightened oil-change item, the shop should correct it for free. They should even pay for the tow.

Thanks so much for your feedback. I checked the oil. It is definitely at the lower end of the spectrum, but not to the “minimum” level on the dipstick. I’ll have it towed in for sure. This puddle (of oil?) under the vehicle has grown exponentially since I first noticed it…it is now 5 feet x 3 feet…so whatever this fluid is, it seems to be seeping out at fairly decent clip.

Here are some things that could cause such a rapid oil loss

Front crank seal
Rear main seal
oil pressure sender
loose oil filter
loose drain plug
burst oil cooler hose

Also, if they left the old gasket from the oil filter that was removed. I saw this happen once. A guy changed his oil and started the car and all his new fresh oil gushed onto the ground. I looked at his old filter and the gasket was gone. It was stuck to the engine and he did not notice it.