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Need help finding 2 new bushings

Hello I am trying to find the 2 bushings for the lower two bolts of the rear knuckle of my 2005 toyota celica gt. One of them being the cam toe adjust bolt. I had to cut the bolts off because they were completely seized no matter what I tried so now I just need new bushings to replace them and I cannot seem to find them anywhere

Have you tried rockauto? Have you tried posting this on a Celica forum?

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No idea, but this doesn’t seem like a part that would be impossible to find. It might take some time to get it though. What I’d do is start at a Toyota dealership’s part department. If they don’t have what you need they can probably find it for you elsewhere, like from another dealership somewhere who has it in stock, and order it delivered to the dealership. The other alternative is to check with your local auto recycler or at the pick n pull website, maybe they have a Celica they are parting out. I think this particular part is going to be hard to find at a local parts store or a website generic auto parts equivalent. There may be a Celica specific parts site somewhere on the web though. I use classic ford truck websites from time to time for my 70’s Ford truck parts. This is sort of like finding those shims used to adjust the valves on non-hydraulic OHC lifters, only gonna be found in specialized parts places.

It could be that the bushings are simply not available and can only be had by buying new knuckles.

It was this way on my daughter’s old Mitsubishi Galant when rear knuckle bushings on each side gave up. A week of digging led nowhere except the Mitsu dealer in Ok CIty who could provide new ones at 275 bucks each.

Being an improviser of sorts I just went onto my metal lathe and cut 2 solid bushings out of aircraft aluminum. They worked fine with no issues. Maybe that’s a possibility.