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Front Subframe bushings for 2007- 2012 Sentra

I’ve had a body knock in the front end of my 2007 Sentra for 3 years, and no mechanic could find it. I found the problem- the left front subframe mount next to the radiator crossmember. The bolt was tight but the rubber mount tore loose from the subframe at the top. Completely inaccessible. Every fix I have found wants to pull the subframe at a minimum. Nissan does not sell this part outside of the entire subframe. All aftermarket companies I could find also do not make this part. I fixed it for under $50 in may garage; and I have a duplicate parts for the right side, when it goes. Do you want to know how I did it? If I get some replies, I’ll post the solution.

Not interested. So that is 1 vote no.

I can imagine a few ways to fix this, so sure, post what you did.

But remember, anything we do outside of the published service procedure or accepted industry standards is not considered a proper or safe repair, and you can’t blame any shop for not wanting to take on that liability. It’s probably not for lack of mechanical enginuity that shops don’t want to try a repair like you performed. It’s just that they don’t want to be part of that monkey circus.

There’s a brake and tire chain around here that advertises “If we can’t warranty it, we won’t sell it.” I think that’s as much about the store’s safety as it is about the customer’s.

The OP did not put the solution in the original post so I have suspect of a slight of hand spam. Also if they really wanted to help someone why here when a Nissan forum is where most Nissan owners would start.


Yeah, I would like to see your solution

I have a question . . . and please don’t take it the wrong way

Exactly what do you hope to get out of this?

I’m asking that, because you already found the solution to your problem, but you didn’t post the solution for all of us to see. Seems like you may be fishing for something

Again, don’t be insulted. I’m just trying to read the situation

This is how I personally would have handled it

“Hey, guys, I needed to replace the subframe bushing on my car, but was told it wasn’t available separately. This is what I fabricated.” And then I would have posted pictures, and said where you can get the parts, and what tools would be needed.

That’s how it’s done in brand-specific forums

I ran into a similar situation some years ago on my daughter’s Mitsubishi when the bushings in the rear steering knuckles failed. Bushings are not available and the knuckles were only to be had at the Mitsu dealers for a high price. Salvage yard parts were in bad shape also so that wasn’t an option.

I machined solid bushings out of aircraft aluminum on my metal lathe and it worked great. Is it possible that you did something similar to that?


I found 2007 Sentra front subframe bushings on :wink:

Does this look about right?

If the answer is yes, you either didn’t look in the right places, everybody was out of stock, maybe the part was not YET available when your problem occurred . . . or you’re fishing for something

If you’re fishing for something, this is not the place for that :trollface:

I’d like to see what you found as a solution.

I may never use the idea for repairing a sub frame, but your idea may come to mind for some other part that I need to fabricate some day.

There is always something to learn from anyone’s ideas. Either what to do well, or what not to do, but we all fabricate something at some point…weather it’s a tool or a part not available to repair something in our shop.

I was asked to fix a choke shaft on an old Massey Ferguson tractor that had gotten broke off. I used a brass rod, filed down the diameter as it spun in the drill press…to the correct diameter.
Filed a flat in the middle where the butterfly would mount, tapped the holes for the butterfly, and finished the end for the choke lever with a file.
Worked great and that part lasted until the owner sold the tractor years later. The only flaw was that the shaft stuck out 1/8 of an inch on the back side instead of being flush.

You make do sometimes.


Personally, I would buy those subframe bushings I found on rockauto. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can get them at napa

BTW, that rockauto picture lists “alternate” part numbers, so perhaps those parts are available from Nissan, but OP ran into a jerk who was more interested in selling the entire subframe

Considering the way that OP worded things, and the fact that he hasn’t been back . . . I’d say he just might have had an agenda :naughty:

Oh, don’t be so suspicious. He only posted this morning. I often post and then go out somewhere and don’t return until much later.

I personally would like to know the solution. It might come in handy some day.