Need help diagnosing car problem

Hey everyone, I wanted some information/opinions on what could be wrong with my 2017 Honda CRV.

The engine will rarely stall when reversing slowly out of our parking lot. I’m not sure if it happens when the gas is released completely or not but I believe it has happened in both situations.

The other issue could be unrelated but the vehicle is always vibrating when accelerating, passively decelerating (not pressing breaks), and when in idle. It either doesn’t vibrate or its not noticeable when at a normal or high speed. The vibration doesn’t seem to be isolated to a single part of the vehicle but everywhere. There are no loud sounds, rattling, etc.

Car has around 60,000 miles, oil changes done regularly and tires have been rotated and transmission fluid changed recently.

If anyone has any information or a way for me to diagnose the problem on my own I would REALLY appreciate it.

Thank you!

Is the check engine light on? Or any other warning lights?

Is that “around” 60k miles by any chance less than 60k miles?
If the car has not yet reached 60k miles, then its 5 year/60k mile Powertrain Warranty should still be in effect, and free diagnosis and repair of a probable engine problem should be done by the dealership.

If the warranty has now expired, one of the first things that I would suggest you look at would be the motor mounts, in view of Honda’s history of problematic motor mounts.

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Thanks for the quick responses. The warranty has expired and the check engine light turned on for the first time today when the engine stalled while reversing again and it turned off once I started the engine again.

Hopefully, when your mechanic checks for stored diagnostic trouble codes, he will find that they have been retained, even though the light has turned off. If he does find stored DTCs, please return to this thread to post them for more specific advice.

The light going on when the engine stalls and the light going off when you start it up is normal. You could still have the 70K emissions warranty though if it could be emissions related. Like they told me though, diagnosis is free if we find an emissions problem, otherwise it’s the normal $125 diagnosis fee. I don’t think you have much choice though with the mild symptoms.

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At 60k miles, you are just about due to replace the spark plugs for the first time. If they have recently been replaced, make absolutely certain that the correct plugs were installed. I once had a car with similar symptoms right after plug replacement that was found to be an error in the plug assignment in the auto parts store’s computer system. If they have not been replaced, I would try a fresh set before spending time and effort on a diagnosis.
The engine mounts are definitely worth a look but that would not cause the stall. Does the stalling and vibration happen whether cold or warm?