1999 Honda CR-V - Engine stops at 40

Honda CRV at 225,000 engine stops while driving 40 mph. Tried to immediately started but could not start until 30 minutes later. I tried several times. When it started and placed in D gear I had loud noise from the transmission. I am towing the CRV to the dealership currently again. I had the CRV towed 3 weeks prior to replace a distributor assembly. No issues prior for 3 weeks.

No experience w/that make/model, but my prior VW Rabbit would stop running while driving down the freeway, in one case it turned out to be a fuel pump relay plate fault. In the other case it was a faulty ignition coil. My truck stopped running mid-trip a while ago, turned out to be an ignition system problem. None of those cases involved any loud noises from transmission. If you can somehow get your CRV to a shop at a time it isn’t working, they should be able to figure it out. If it is working at the shop, that’s much harder for them to find the problem. Unless you pony up some advance $$$, paying them to monitor it at the shop, they’ll tell you to tow it to them when it fails the next time. That’s the most $$-friendly solution, but unfortunately also the most inconvenient for you.

Have you considered that at 225 K, given it has become unreliable, possibly unsafe, might be a good time to source another vehicle?