Need advise please thanks

Sure that would be the argument except engine damage would be from starting it with no oil and sounds like several times. I don’t know though how much of this is believable though with the drilling, etc. Maybe it wasn’t a drill but an impact driver. He would just say the customer was advised to put oil in after the pan was replaced and it’s a he said she said. People have a duty to mitigate their losses and take reasonable care which would include checking the oil after a major repair.

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I suspect that a guy that repairs cars in driveways does not have money to pay for the damage.


There will always be damage, but depending on how long the engine ran with no oil will determine how much. If your Volvo has hydraulic lifters, they will make a clattering sound as soon as there is no oil pressure. If you only ran it for a few seconds, this is probably what you heard and there will be little damage.

The driveway mechanic is responsible for his actions, but how much you can collect from him remains to be seen. If he has no money, then you won’t get any from him.


As long as the engine was only run once or twice, and briefly (like 15-30 seconds) I doubt there’s any engine damage that would cause weird noises from that. Ideas for the source of the weird noises

  • The alternator install job was faulty, belt maybe is misaligned w/the pulley, and the noise is coming from the alternator or alternator belt path.

  • No Volvo experience, but I presume what you call the “oil tank” is what is commonly referred to in these parts as the “oil pan”, or “oil sump”. That part is in close proximity to the crankshaft and oil pump, so perhaps the replacement part is interfering w/one of those. Wrong part number, etc. It has to be an exact fit, matching the old part. Don’t throw the old part away until you get it working again, so you or your mechanic can use the old part as a reference.


The noise could be from the alternator if it has the hub driven type. Wait for the diagnosis.


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We never started the car without empty oils, after changing the tank he put oils into levels as it should be my husband was there too . Then the mechanic started the car it was ok at first then it’s reading low oil pressure he doesn’t understand why?

Sorry about the drilling part guys, my husband said the jack slipped that cracked the oils tank. It was just screwing driver noise that I heard before the oils leaked . I don’t know much about the machinery stuff my apologies if I confused you .

Well, I’m also confused and I suspect that some others from this forum are also confused.
If the engine was never started, I don’t know how the engine would be emitting those mysterious noises.

Its just like we have electric car except we still have to pay for fuel. We have to charge the battery every second night due to faulty alternator ( won’t charge the battery) to keep the car going. The car driving perfectly fine until after the oil pan cracked.

After mechanic fixed the tank he filled up the oils in my husband was there too and oils was leveled as it should be. The mechanic doesn’t understand why it still reading low oils pressure? I’m just hoping is no damages to the engine.

After the new tank put in the mechanic put the oils into levels as it should be then he started the car and it was ok at first then reading low oils pressure. So the car always has oils except for few days during the tank damaged.and we never touch or start the engine during this time.

Let’s hope no serous damaged to the engine. My husband does feels sorry for the guy as the faulty alternator part was giving wrongly by place he bought it from. But that’s for him to deal with them for the cost. But for us it’s very stressful with time , hire a car and money on replacement the ECU that damaged due to faulty alternator and now the engine too its just too much to deal with.

The plot thickens as they say. Low oil “level” means you need more oil. Low oil “pressure” means something is wrong with the oil distribution system such as worn bearings, pump, etc. Or new engine in other words. Sorry. The dealership can sort it out.


I still do not have a clear idea of what is going on here ? Wrong alternator - Mobile mechanic that does not know how to jack up a vehicle - calling an oil pan a oil tank - apparently a battery that may be ruined now - low oil pressure - and who knows what else is wrong with this what ever year Volvo that may just be worn out. I also think that English is not the primary language .

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Yes, but I’m not sure whether the major interpretation problem in this thread is the lack of English proficiency, or… the OP’s accuracy in reporting the problem(s).

I am still trying to figure out how any noises could have been emanating from the engine compartment if the engine was never started.

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I just told you I don’t know much about the machinery stuff I called oil tank because that’s what the mechanic called and said ( I damaged the oils tank)

If your mobile mechanic referred to your oil pan as an “oil tank”, I respectfully submit that his credentials are lacking.


I’m not the mechanic . I may don’t know much about the car, all I know is since this mobile mechanic touch my car everything is from bad to worse.

… which means that as bad as your Volvo’s electronic/mechanical problems might be, your chosen mobile mechanic might be an even bigger problem.

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He won’t touch my car again that is for sure.


Let this be a lesson to everyone here. Trying to save money by hiring “some guy” to work on your car is about as risky as trying to save money by hiring “some guy” to do work on your house–yet people do it all the time, and then whine about it when they get ripped off and/or receive lackluster work. Either DIY, or hire a licensed professional mechanic or licensed contractor.