HELP -- I'm back with the oil losing 2011 VOLVO

I ‘talked’ last week about this Volvo… Perfect looking, garaged, well cared for car.
Oil topped off at dealership 11-07 at 47,738 miles ( with other work done with no mention from them of a low oil issue .
Dec. 8th down 5 quarts at 48,067 miles
Dec. 31st down 1 1/2 qt at 48,214 miles
Jan. 9 th. down 1 quart at 48,295
Do you think they ‘did’ something/ damage to this car November 7th when the dealership replaced the serpentine belt or the vacuum pump reseal OR the collapsed engine mount that would all of a sudden cause this outrageous oil loss.?
They ‘said’ they followed a minor oil leak I mentioned back to a brake vacuum. Would that be the culprit now??? Where. could they have screwed up?
My warranty says anything oil touches is under warranty and it expires in Feb. but I have anxiety going back to that dealership. this repair they did in Nov. they failed to turn the warranty in on a $355 repair? Should this be really easy thing to find? help. jean…

This car is hemorrhaging oil. Have you told the dealer about it? Tell them you want an oil consumption test done.
$355 is not much to spend on a Volvo service, since you didn’t tell us what was done, how can we know if it would involve a warranty. Also, we can’t read the warranty. I am guessing it says more than whatever oil touches.
Do not delay, take your car to the dealer and tell them it has used 7 1/2 quarts in two months in 600 miles. Insist they write that on the work order before you sign it and date it and you keep a copy.


Could be a front main seal or rear could be any wear. Have you found oil puddles under your car? If not, check you radiator cap and your oil cap. If either have a weird milky color you have a blown head gasket or worse a blown blocking your oil is milky you have a cracked block if it’s your radiator is milky most likely a blown head gasket. Yes I grew up in the hood of a car and both my parents where excellent parts changers I took a few classes for mechanic’s. So this could be a simple fix or your worst nightmare. Sorry I feel your pain.

Well the warranty expired 6 months ago so hopefully the dealer patched the leak.

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