Need advise please thanks

Hi, I need some advise please. On Friday the 18th last week the mobile mechanic came to fixed my car Volvo S60 and he accidentally cracked my oil tank most of the oils all leaked out and then he left to get the new oil tank came back on Tuesday 22rd after changed to the new oil tank the car makes funny noises from the engine…… I can’t drive my car anywhere at the moment waiting on towing to the Volvo to have a look. Will my engine damage due to no oils for few days? What should I do if the engine is damaged should The mechanic reliable for the damage and costs to get my car fixed?

If you drove the vehicle with no oil, the engine is damaged.

That’s your fault.

Not the mechanics.


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I didn’t drive my car anywhere since he damaged my oil tank

Did you read what I wrote? After he changed the oils tank my car made funny noises so I didn’t drive anywhere just waiting for tow it to Volvo


You didn’t drive the vehicle.

What kind of repair was the mechanic doing when he cracked the oil tank?


My Alternator damaged it won’t charge my battery so I called mobile mechanic and he put the new alternator in but then my car still reading low battery so we took the car to Volvo, Volvo checked and said the alternator the mechanic put in is faulty causing damage to the ECU we paid $1500 for the part and his service ( mobile mechanic) the Volvo told us to get him the change the right alternator then bring back to get new ECU at Volvo and when he put the new alternator in his accidental drill a hole on the oil tank. My car is setting at my house since

I never had to drill anything when putting an alternator in. please do not let this mobile mechanic touch your vehicle again. check to make sure he added oil when he replaced the tank, and it is at the proper level.


He put oils in but my car still reading low oils, then he said he didn’t understand why because all he did was changed the tank then he left

I didn’t want him to touch my car anymore so I will get my car tow to Volvo, if they say the engine damaged would he be reliable?

It should not be necessary to drill any holes at all when replacing an existing alternator. Do not let this mobile mechanic near your car again, ever. He cannot be trusted.

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Now I’m more worried :worried:

If you have proof he worked on your vehicle, with receipts on what work he did and that he changed the oil tank. then you can take him to small claims court to get your money back and possibly pay for all damages and repairs to the engine that he created.

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No receipt because he paid for the new tank but we took the pictures of damaged when he cracked the tank. And conversations on mobile texting for prof I guess I just hope there is no damage to the engine :worried:

Where are located ? And was the crankcase damaged by jacking the vehicle up ? Really do not understand the drilling part of this story. None of this sounds like it would cause engine damage . Did you actually start the car with low oil level or did the mobile mechanic do that ?

Only receipt is for the alternator replacement. That’s will be enough I guess?

He started the car and reading low oils. Then left . I tried to start the car but with the funny noises I’m too afraid to drive anywhere so we will tow it to Volvo for a better look. When he put the alternator in there were drilling noises that we heard then the oils leaks then told us he cracked the tank

Yes, but if you started the engine then there was likely engine damage–if there was no oil in the crankcase.

It sounds like the engine was started and was running with an insufficient amount or no oil in the engine. That’s my interpretation based on off what you wrote. It’s possible that the mobile “mechanic” for one reason or another jacked up the car via placing the the jack on the oil pan and damaged/ruined it, possibly damaging the oil pickup inside of the pan. When the engine was started, it was starved for oil, which caused the noises you heard. It’s quite possible that the engine suffered significant damage during this.


A little confusing but how did it get to the dealer the first time when they said you had the wrong alternator? Then of course you don’t check the oil level by starting the car, unless it has the electronic oil level and then just turning the key on should do it. Sounds like comedy of errors and yeah the dealer can look it over now and if damage, I guess small claims is the only alternative, but he’ll say oil level is customer issue not his and judge may agree.

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but if he cracked the tank and replaced it, he should be responsible to refill to the proper level.

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