Need Advice for my next new car purchase!

Hello everyone!

I am new here and have been doing research on my next car. I currently have a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek with a few minor mods (exhaust, wheels, a/t tires, etc…) I love the car and am planning on keeping it. But i am looking for a second vehicle that could also be daily driven if need be and something more thrilling and aggressive. I wanted a hatchback WRX but they no longer make hatchbacks of those vehicles.

I am a car guy, but what I say next will get hate from almost everyone. I do not enjoy manual cars. I get the appeal and why everyone loves them. But for me they’re only fun for 10% of the time I drive and a chore for the rest. That being said, I want something that’s semi-comfortable while still offering a sporty drive.

I have recently gotten a higher paying job and can afford a car that’s a bit higher-end, but not looking for anything crazy. Looking for something in the $40,000 range. I can be tempted to go higher for the right car though. I am also into “badge prestige” like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, etc. I know these brands come with huge downfalls like reliability, maintenance costs, and depreciation; but I’m at a point now where I want a luxury/sporty vehicle regardless of those downfalls. But, that doesn’t mean I’m denying other, more reasonable, suggestions like a new WRX. Or maybe a slightly used Audi SQ5?

So, you can see that there is a very wide range of vehicles I’m interested in. I’m open to all opinions and suggestions. Please help me narrow down my list.

As a side note: Please don’t bash me because I don’t love manual transmissions. Not everyone has to like what you like. I get enough flack for it, so please be kind. If you don’t have a helpful suggestion then please move onto another topic.

Current list I’m interested in:

Mercedes GLC/GLE
Mercedes C Class
BMW 3 and 5 Series, X3 and X5
Toyota 4Runner
Audi S3? S4?
Acura TLX and RDX

I can’t believe you don’t like manual transmissions. What is WRONG with… Nah, just kidding, I get it.

I’m a car guy too. I have manual transmissions in the cars that are only for having fun on nice summer days, but if I’m gonna commute in it, I go automatic too.

I would not get a German marque. Yeah, I know, you say you’re willing to deal with the poor reliability, but if you’re like most people you’re thinking you’re willing to deal with paying for repairing the poor reliability. There’s also the down time to consider. You aren’t having any fun with a fun car if it’s sitting in the shop instead of your garage.

Other vehicles to add to your list based on the styles you already listed, Acura TLX V6 AWD, Lexus RC / RC-F/RC-F Sport.

Another one to consider is the Kia Stinger GT, which is one of the best bargains in the sport sedan categories right now.

And if you’re wanting suggestions on SUV’s, do check out the new-gen Acura RDX. You can get a 1 year old example with the Advance package (loaded with everything) for right at your budget. I dislike SUVs in general but I must admit, that’s one I wouldn’t mind owning myself.

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Thank you so much for that :). I actually was researching the new RDX and the TLX along with a couple Lexus offerings. That being said, current Lexus interior and tech are very last gen and won’t age well with the next gen coming out. So that alone make me wary of Lexus right now until the new stuff rolls out. But the RDX was on my list, I just forgot to add it. Thanks again!

BMW M240i
Lexus RC-F
Toyota Supra
VW Golf R

last I checked the supra wasnt really in my range, but maybe theyve come down? the golf R has been discontinued so I couldn’t get it new. the C 43 AMG seems cool and the BMW is interesting but maybe too small and out of my range as well? I’ll look into it tho! thanks for the suggestions!

Full disclosure, I bought my wife a used Audi A4 Quattro 2.0 turbo S Line. 220 hp turbo 4 with an 8 speed ZF automatic. Easily modifiable to about 260 hp and more. Quiet, fast with a great interior. Ignore the A3 Maybe the S4 Quattro with the V6.

I would recommend the BMW 3 series over the 5.

C class Benz is junk, by comparison to other cars in its range. You can buy them used cheap for a reason.

The Japanese sporty models, as @shadowfax points out, are great choices without German cred but with Japanese quality. I am a fan of the Kia Stinger as well.

If you list the 5-series and X5 Bimmers, you are clearly looking at late model used cars. I believe all cars @FoDaddy listed would be used. If you are really interested in the 5-series, check out the diesel. Decent mileage and quicker than the rest of the 5’s.

You do realize that this is an open Forum . Your list is all over the place and why do you even care what other people like. Just watch vehicle ads and when you find something that makes you feel good enough to spend money on your quest is done.

Frankly myself used ( Miata ) new ( Mustang ).

Here is an updated list of cars I am considering.

2021 WRX (when it launches)
Acura RDX (2019+)
Kia Stinger GT
Genesis G70
Charger R/T scat pack
Audi SQ5 (2018+)
BMW 340i

Thoughts anyone?

That’s such a wide range that we can’t give you many thoughts without knowing what you’re looking for in a car.

I’d avoid the Subaru, the Charger, and the German cars. Make sure you’re OK with all the tech stuff in the RDX if you go that route - some people don’t like it. The G70 and the Stinger GT are some of the best bargains in luxury and sport sedans respectively right now.

Just like the first list , all over the place . The chance of getting real advice about some of these vehicles from owners on a forum is slim. That is why they have vehicle reviews on line and specific forums.

I think it goes beyond simply not liking it.
In the December issue of Consumer Reports, they had an article regarding how the redesign of a vehicle can negatively impact its reliability. One of the models that they highlighted was the Acura RDX, which went from very good reliability with the 2018 model to “worse than average” for the redesigned 2019 model.

The trouble-prone areas that they noted include:
The infotainment system, including freezing of the display screen
The navigation system
Phone pairing
Trim pieces falling off
Premature brake pad wear
Squeaks and rattles

The reason my list is all over the place is because many different vehicles interest me on different levels. Ultimately I want a comfortable, fast, reliable, and practical vehicle that is a great daily driver. A “jack of all trades” vehicle that offers luxury touches and maybe a tad of jealousy from others. Yes, i’m that shallow when it comes to cars.

The redesign of a vehicle can also positively impact its reliability. I suspect some of the RDX problems are less due to it being redesigned, and more due to whatever is causing Honda’s other manufacturing quality problems at the moment.

@Gochet077 and your budget is?

$40-45k. obviously cheaper is preferred but 45k is my top

How did you choose your last vehicle purchase ? Why not use the same process .
All of those on your much too long list have ’ build your own ’ features on their web sites . That is how I eliminate vehicles because you can see price and options . Most of them will even show vehicles near you that might meet what you built.

my last vehicle purchase was on a whim and out of frustration of my car before that. I want to eliminate that and get something I truly will enjoy, and i tend to overthink things but on a purchase of this size i dont think that’s unreasonable.

Well considering that got you one of the most acclaimed, and best small vehicles out there, your not thinking this one out too much might be the way to go. Not sure what kind of mileage you do a year but carrying two cars can be relatively expensive. You would be better off putting the money elsewhere and not just seeing it depreciate away sitting in your driveway. Maybe rent the exotics one weekend a month. All I know is that a 4 or 5 year old X5 is going to present some pretty interesting repair bills. You may want to research total ownership costs.

i drive the average 12-13k miles a year. i was just thinking itd be nice to have a back up car in case my wife’s car needs work or what not. im at a point now where i dont have kids, i have a newly built house, and I have very little to no debt (excluding house and small amount left on crosstrek) and I make good money, and i love cars so why not get a second?

I have removed most bmw’s from my original list in case you didn’t see the update