Cheap new cars or crossovers

Any favorite brand new cars or crossovers between $14,000 and $21,000 with automatic transmission that you or someone you know have driven and why? Thanks

C’mon, this isn’t your first day here… Google is your friend here. Use it.

Define inexpensive. What is the maximum you want to pay? Hyundai Accent starts a little over $15,000 MSRP. Toyota Yaris starts at $15,500. The Kio Rio starts a little under $15,000. Those are the least expensive cars from typically reliable car companies. Also, tell us what you actually want In your next car. That will help us narrow it down.

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I am not going to every manufacture web site and research vehicles for you . That is something you can do yourself . And new vehicles usually don’t have problems and if they do there is something called a Warranty.

The person is asking for thoughts, If you do not have one no need for a response. imhop Google it is lame. Price range would be good.


I meant this as kind of a poll. I’ve already done the research. I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions from real world experience. I make my living doing research and have spent many hours on Google exploring the cars, so yes I know how to use it thanks. I also read the annual Consumer Reports new car guide. Price range $14,000 to $21,000-ish thanks. I can’t drive stick shift though.

Get a copy of Consumer Reports car buyers guide, see what you like.

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The percentage of people actually buying any recommended vehicle here is really low . Many times they buy something that was not even mentioned if they do report what they bought.
Example: one couple asked what buy and received about 15 different vehicle names. They ended up with the fully battery driven BMW which no one suggested.

Just asking for a friend , did you ever put the Rhino stuff on the roof of your car?

I’m not asking anyone to research every manufacturers car site etc. If you don’t have an opinion, no need to respond


Not yet. I’m still getting quotes from people about putting the Rhino stuff on, but there’s a guy that offered to put wrap on it too. I might go with the Rhino for durability even if it hurts resale value.

What Barkydog said

I didn’t buy it, but I was impressed with the GMC Terrain.

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Thanks! I didn’t know they were in that price range of under $22K.

No, they are 24 to 28ish.

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That’s what I thought. Thanks for letting me know

And not all new car warranties are the same, some are longer, some shorter. Some cover different things etc. Plus, i have a feeling not all manufacturers and/or dealers honor their warranties to the same degree.

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Your Welcome.

Warranties generally expire early in the life of the vehicle, in fact I have never owned a vehicle with a powertrain warranty.


Toyota yaris, aka Mazda 2. I’m not a fan of CVTs and Mazda still has a 6 speed at

If it is my money, I’d go with a Subaru impresza with a manual and a Torsen center differential right in the middle of the car