Need 4 tires- Avalon XLS-Want best bang for the buck


I’m so confused. The original tires are MIchelin Energy at $202 apiece. This is the top of the line. While the tires have been fine, I’d prefer to spend less, but I don’t know which tires to buy. I live in Maryland and normally don’t get too much snow.

How many miles did you get from the Michelin tires? If you got 50K miles or more you may want to consider paying the bucks for Michelin replacements. Michelin tires do last a long time and they do save on gas with less rolling resistance than other tires.

Still $200 a pop is pricey. You can shop for price on the Michelin tire, lots of places sell them and you might find a better deal. For price I like Kumho tires. Hold up well, good value, but they wear out faster than the Michelins so don’t expect them to last as long. Toyo makes excellent tires, perhaps very close to Michelin in quality. If you get a good price on a Toyo tire you’d be fine. Toyo is a definate step up from Kumho.

There are lots of non branded tires out there and most are fine tires. Costco seems to have the best prices and good service. Otherwise just shop some tire discount stores and take the lowest price you get. The tires will likely be fine and you’ll have saved some money.

Tires aren’t that different one from another until you get into specialty needs, performance cars, or style. If you want cheap you can go cheap and most folks could never tell and you won’t know the difference either. Just don’t expect the cheap tires to last 50 or 60K miles.

I looked at several brands and the Michelin tires are in line with pricing for your vehicle. I don’t think I would buy a cheaper tire since fuel economy, comfort and safety would be affected. You have a premium vehicle and I think you need a premium tire. You might try getting the tires at a wholesaler even if you have to drive a 100 miles to save the money. Do you have a Sam’s Club nearby. They sell Michelins.

Thanks. I’m thinking I need a quality tire also and was just now reading reviews of Sam’s club. There are 4 Michelins recommend: the Energy at $200 apeice was the highest cost (and the original tires) for which I got 49k miles.

Currently considering: Michelin Primacy: $150, Michelin Pilot, PE2: $161, Michelin Pilot PA3: $196. Does it really matter? I want a good tire and will pay for it, however, I would prefer to get that good tire, and pay less (if this is possible)!


Visit and for good consumer feedback sections.

All tires have varying characteristics, and how they perform in one driving environment on one vehicle with one driver style may not be the same as another. The most comprehsnive collections of consumer feedback that I’m aware of are in the referenced sites.

The Pilot PA3 is recommended for your vehicle at the Michelin website. It’s your choice as long as the size is correct. You will probably get less tire life with the Primacy and Pilot PE2. It’s anyone guess.

Just my opinion, but I think Michelins are overrated and overpriced. Good tires no doubt but there are plenty of tires out there that are just as good for far less money.
Some of the best tires I’ve owned, and currently have on one of my cars, are Bridgestones.

You should also read up on UTOG ratings which provide info about treadwear, traction, and temperature and figure that into your tire selection. The tirerack site that mountainbike mentions should explain the UTOG.

Kumho tires makes tires that cost 50-60% of Michelins but offer at least 75% of the performance.

My only advice is call around once you narrow it out. I called four places for exact same set (brand/model) of tires and got a range in prices from $550-$850 installed.

I put Michelin Harmony on mine and really like them.

Take a look at Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires. They seem like a good fit for your car. I installed a set on my Acura last fall and I’m really delighted with them. They aren’t cheap, but they are excellent tires.

You might consider Yokohama Avid V4S tires. Mr. Tire sells them for $188 each, while the Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 tires are $239 each. As you may know, this is the complete cost. There are no disposal fees, mounting fees, or any other fees. There might be other fees at Sam’s Club (I don’t know). We put the Yokohama tires on our Buick Regal and are quite satisfied with them. They are quiet, have good grip, and absorb bumps well. If you live near Ellicott City, the Mr. Tire on Rte 40 has given me very good service.

I’m also happy with my Avid H4s tires on my ES300. If $$ are a big issue, the Hankook Optimo came in a close second to Michelins in Consumer Reports recent test. They were even rated ‘better than average’ in snow.

I have a 1996 Buick LeSabre and I have been very satisfied with the Yokohama Avid Touring tires on it. I would also check out the Yokohama Avid TRZ as well. They are reasonably priced, quiet, have good wet traction, and last a long time.

As mountain bike said, check out

I would look over the reviews on Most likely you could find a well reviewed tire at a less expensive price.

Don’t go too cheap though. I’ve done that twice and regretted it. The cheap tires I bought were great a first, but their performance went downhill quickly after only a few thousand miles. I think a decent namebrand tire would work fine.