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Need a repair manual for a 2012 Kia Rio5

Where can I get a repair manual for a 2012 Kia Rio5 EX other than the Kia dealer, which is $79? All the sites I’ve looked at have very bad reviews. Thank you. Mary

Did you try ebay or amazon?

Yes, tried those but they weren’t rated highly. All Data has a version good for only a few years. Chilton & Haynes don’t make one for the year and model.

Thanks for responding to my question so quickly.

$79 for a repair manual?? JUMP on that. It is a very good price. The last factory service manual I bought was 25 years ago for $190 and I got it for trade price!

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Thank you for your information, previously manuals have been purchased at parts Storrs for less than $30. Things change I guess, so I will go through Kia.

@Mary161 those $30 manuals from the parts stores were far less comprehensive than the factory manuals.The parts store manuals were from Chiltons or Haynes and only had the basics a home mechanic might try and tackle. The factory manuals have trouble-shooting steps, wiring diagrams and comprehensive information most won’t need - until they do!

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You convinced me. This will save my husband time and frustration. Good to know all repair manuals are NOT created equal. You have been helpful. Thank you

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For DIY auto repair information, I recommend this site.


I am curious , what is it you want to do that requires a repair manual ? There are so many things on modern vehicles that require an actual shop and expensive tools.

Thank you Tester, that site does have Kia manuals but not for the Rio5.

Even well maintained cars can develop uniquely querky troubles.Being, adverse to a payment book, and keeping a vehicle as long as possible seems to accelerate a cars more surly personality

There may be another Kia model that is very similar to your Rio5, and its manual will still be helpful. Many parts like alternators, water pumps, brakes, even engines and transmissions are identical on more than one model of a carmaker’s lineup.

As a long time DIYer I have found Haynes manuals very worthwhile. Their opening pages of generic info and warnings and suggestions are full of good advice. The electrical diagrams in the back, too, are helpful. As my high principal used to say, have fun and learn something. I would add: and don’t get hurt.

Do you live in a major city? A large library would likely have the factory repair manual that you can use while in the library and you can photograph or photocopy the particular pages you need for whatever task you’re currently taking on.

The only place I’ve found a Haynes or Chilton manual worthwhile is on the floor, next to the toilet.


Agreed, thanks for your interest & insights Shanonia

Yes, my hubby has done that previously. Similar to home repair, sometimes one project leads to another. The perfect world would include a spiral bound version.