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Neat idea for wire connection product

I am not affiliated with this company, I have done enough butt connectors etc. that I thought this looked great. I imagine other companies may have them available, wish I had seen these 30 years ago Works like a butt conctor, but low temp solder melts, joins then heat shrinks!


I have a kit, haven’t used it yet, but will soon. I have to replace the lead on my utility trailer. I would like a little more solder in there than they provide. I’m going to do a tradition splice then slide it on and heat.

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I once bought an assortment of similar connectors and they were all that they were advertised to be but in the shop it often seemed that the location where repairs and modifications were needed were usually under or behind some obstacle so after a few failed efforts I seemed to have lost the assortment. I have several butane soldering torches and a bundle of low temp solder strips and several yards of various heat shrink tubing that can produce a permanent connection that will withstand years of normal use without damaging or even marring anything within an inch of the new joint.

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