Wire repair

When repairing wiring on a automobile what do you think makes the better repair soldering the wires then heat shrink or high quality environmentaly sealed crimp connectors? Your inputs are appreciated

I’ve been soldering wires for years and never had a problem. I was taught by all of the “old school” hot roders around the area so I trust their methods a will probably still use them for many years to come.

Solder, definitely. But, it can be a pain when working under a dash.

crimp connectors always come loose

Solder.and make sure you use the right solder,and clean off the solder joint after, and cover with heat shrink.

Make sure you solder a few before you do it.
poorly done ones will short out and break

Do you use flux? or is it in the solder?

I use solder w/ a flux core. Just makes life easier.

Crimp connectors done right work just as well as a soldered joint, and last as long too. You do need good crimpers though, get them from a hardware or electrical store, not a department or discount store.

"crimp connectors always come loose"

Don’t fly on airplanes.

I know what you mean.I repaired DC electrical systems on small jets and all our wire repairs were crimped. It was explained that the solder joint was the point that fatigue would cause the wire to break.