What is this piece called? Its very rusted need help please

it looks like a brace for a fender or quater panel from the limited info you gave.

Sorry i don’t know much about cars. I’ve been trying to find out the name of it because im not very sure if its a major issue or a minor issue. I just discovered it today when I noticed the fabric liner coming off by the rear left tire

from what i can see it looks like it unbolts and you can replace it easily

I’ll definitely do that. Thanks for replying.

i would wire brush it and sand it really good and spray paint it. it doesnt look that bad. just a lot of surface rust. but if it makes you feel better then replace it.

i opened your picture and took a better look. dismiss my last post and replace it.

I will do that than thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it.

Okay ill definitely get it replaced.

Use PB Blaster or Deep Creep on the bolts. Shouldn’t be very expensive to replace.

It looks like a brace for an aftermarket set of step boards. Did I guess correctly?

Unlikely you will ever find a replacement but it looks simple enough to actually make another one.

Step boards on a Fiesta? Maybe a brace for aftermarket mud flaps? Looks like a muffler hanger to the left, so this is at the rear of the car. I wonder if replacing it now is worth the trouble, if it’s working as is.

This looks like somebody added a piece of angle iron for some reason. Does not look like a factory piece. Have a friend who knows cars or a mechanic take a look at it.


Looks like it is a homemade bracket.

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The other side doesn’t have one of those brackets so it kinda worried me. it’s also by the mud flap. But the car runs fine. Just didn’t want to drive it not knowing if it was safe or not due to not knowing what the purpose for having the bracket or brackets was. I tried researching before posting this but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Thank you all for your suggestions I really appreciate it.

Looks like a makeshift bracket to hold a weak bumper cover in place.