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"Name that tune"

Whats your favorite " car-tune"? and throw in your favorite scherzo while you are at it,I like “Tiger in Tank”-Kevin

I like two very much…Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and Drive by the (who else) The Cars

Son don’t ya know you’re gonna drive me to drinkin if ya don’t quit drivin’ that “Hot Rod Lincoln.”

Almost forgot…Little Red Corvette. The version I like best is by The Nylons.

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‘‘Daddy let me drive’’ Allen Jackson.
I have a thirteen year old who has already driven the Expedition. The song is spot on right now.

Queen’s “I’m in Love with My Car”. Mainly for its over-the-top-ness.

“Beep Beep” by Playmate

Jaguar & Thunderbird by Chuck Berry. A story of 2 cars racing down the highway and someone makes the town cop wise to it.

Dear Dad also by Chuck Berry. This kid writes a letter to his dad explaining what a POJ his car is and he wants a Cadillac. At the end of the letter you find out it’s Henry Ford Jr writing the letter.

Also by CB is No Money Down.

I’ve got a lot of them but will throw in one related to the 2 wheeled mode of transportation and in my favorite music genre.


Low Rider by War.

“Shut Down” Beach Boys. Verisimilitude in the lyrics:

“Declinin’ numbers at an even rate
At the count of one we both accelerate”

“Superstock Dodge is winding out in low
But my fuel injected Stingray’s really startin’ to go
To get the traction I’m ridin’ the clutch
My pressure plate’s burnin’ that machine’s too much”

(Song came out in 63. A fuel injected '63 Sting Ray had 4 on the floor, so pressure plate as opposed to torque converter)

“Pedal’s to the floor hear the dual quads drink
And now the 413’s lead is startin to shrink
He’s hot with ram induction but it’s understood
I got a fuel injected engine sittin’ under my hood”

(Secondaries in a Carter 4 barrel really “drink” beaucoup fuel; ram induction was the tag Mopar gave to design of intake manifold on the Superstock Dodge–as opposed to ram air.)

The only unlikely part of the song is the Sting Ray winning. This car had a 327CID V8 as opposed to the Dodge’s 413 “Max wedge”. Song was written by a DJ acquaintance of the Beach Boys. Rumor had it that the DJ was at the drags at Pomona or wherever & the Dodge guy’s distributor cracked toward the end, allowing the Stingray to win.

This website will crack you up!

Thanks ,good old tunes-Kevin

Ride Sally Ride
Li’l Duece Coupe
In My Car

These were the classics from my younger days

How about "A tiger in my tank "?
Sidebar warning again,if this is an issue delete these old threads "Take my old threads ,please ".

Years ago, when living in Ca, USA (between -96 and -98), a song was played a lot. It was a female singer and some of the text was:
Rev it up, rev it up 'till the engine dies (blows, maybe).
I haven’t been able to find it over here, so if anybody could guide me in the right direction, I’ll be one happy camper.
Have a nice day.

New Riders of the Purple Sage is an American country rock band. The group emerged from the psychedelic rock scene in San Francisco, California, in 1969, and its original lineup included several members of the Grateful Dead.

Qualifies because I ride the range in my ford v8

But for newer wave less twang Merc Man Kim Carnes