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What s your favorite car song?

i ll have to think about mine…

I gotta go with an oldie

but there’s a lot of good car tunes.

“Traffic Jam” James Taylor

racyyyyyyy rod,

what was the that oldsmobile from the “w.w. and the Dixie dance kings” movie?

remember “crosstown traffic”, by jimi Hendrix?

“Beep Beep” The little Nash Rambler song.

15 days under the hood New riders of the purple sage

lol keith

“Brand New Car,” by the Rolling Stones.

Enjoy! :wink:

Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen

i always liked hot rod Lincoln too

Beach Boys: 409

I think the Beach Boys may have the market cornered.

Little Old Lady from Pasadena

Fun, Fun, Fun

Little Deuce Coupe

I don’t have a favorite song but do have a lot of likes in various musical genres. My oldest son turned me on to this group which I was lukewarm about at first but have come to appreciate musically after listening to them a while. They’re a hoot.

It’s car related and a warning that it has a bit of crude language although the truth is there… :slight_smile:

Chuck Berry had a good one years ago

Everyone will get the song, but you have to have lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for at least one winter to really get the video part.

This was a garage band favorite in my region 50 years ago

and the ever popular

Rod, I never got that song until I saw the movie “The Commitments”.

As long as we are going parodies how about “She thinks I steal cars” Piinkard and Bowden