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Mystifying 1997 Chrysler Cirrus

This car has been looked at by 6 mechanics, diagnosed by computer, and nada explanation as to cause of problem. This car drives great, but with no warning the systems shut down. First, and keep in mind that car continues to run without as much as a miss, the car stops going as if it is in neutral or park, then the power steering stops working, then the power brakes stop working, and eventually the lights, etc. I really cannot buy another car, so does anyone have any idea what is happening?

Not true: To really screw up, it takes a computer. Maybe it is though. I always suspect the computer when everything under the sun just quits. That might explain why diagnosis by computer did not work. As usual, I have given no proof. Problems like that may be hard to diagnose, but we know THAT already. Limited to guesswork, I would change the engine control computer.

The power steering followed by the power brakes quitting are all signs that the engine has stalled. Do all the car’s lights quit–do the headlights shut off? I’d check all the connections from the battery—follow the cables to the connection points and make sure all are tight to start.