Power steering and brakes die but recover in 97 Olds 88

Kids report that the power steering and power brakes suddenly stop functioning while driving normally. Stopping and restarting the engine seems to fix it. Local mechanics find nothing wrong with power steering or power brakes. HELP!

Kids are asking for a different car. Simultaneous loss of the steering system and braking system seems to assign their vehicle to the “death trap” category.

Simultaneous failure of the power steering and power brakes also seems nearly impossible, unless the car quits running, and you didn’t say that.

Perhaps kids don’t like driving a '97 Olds 88.

Wonder why?

Please provide more information.

The power steering and the power brakes are two entirely separate and independent systems. A problem with either system has no effect on the other. The only way (IMO) that both can appear to fail simultaneously is if the engine stalls.

I suspect you should have been given the report, “Dad, the engine stalled while… [I was coasting to a stop]” or some such.

This type of automotive behavior is not uncommon and is often traced to some simple device such as a malfunctioning IAC (idle air control) motor or sensor. You need to find out what the car’s actual problem happens to be. It won’t have anything to do with brakes or power steering.