1997 Ford Taurus GL....Almost Killed Me!.... Electrical Short/Computer Problem


I seem to have a very unique problem on my hands. For the past year my car has been doing some very interesting things. If i use the cruise control, it sets off a series of problems including the speadometer failing, powerstearing failing, transmission shifts into neutral automatically, and if i turn the car off it doesn’t turn the engine over right away sometimes. Whenever this happens, it is completely random and only lasts for about 10-20 minutes before the problem goes away for another five weeks. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks!


So how did the car almost kill you?


Well it seems to me that you have probably already hit the nail on the head with the problem. It probably is a computer issue. Ive seen cars that when the computer heats up enough, it actually fails until it cools down some. But the five weeks thing is what gets me. Do any of these things ever happen in between? Or do they all happen at once? More information is needed i guess. But from what i understand it is probably a computer issue. It may be on its way out. Just my opinion.


none of those things ever happen in between and it seems that the cruise control is one of the main catalysts that sets the problem off…i can’t use it without having this problem happen


So, why aren’t you telling your mechanic this? My multimeter leads won’t reach that far. If the check engine light comes on, you need to tell him that, also. Don’t have a mechanic? Go to cartalk home page, and click on “mechanics files”, put your zip code in, and distance, and select from the mechanics recommended by satisfied customers.