Mystery wire in car ...dont know where its to..?


98 saturn sc1–got a wire i found today loose… looks like it rusted off at the crimp clip by the battery and fuse box and cant figure what it is too of from as everything still seems to work on the car… ( asside from my horn and windshield wipers shuttin down in the park possition) would a picture of it help? seems to run into the firewall right infront of the seering and instument cluster…


I would guess a grounding wire and for now what it was grounding is being grounded somewhat haphazardly by being attached to something that is grounded.


i tryed grounding it and checking all the things in the car as in radio, winshield wipers,horn lights… and i see no difference…talking about it i wonder if it may be a hott wire instead?


here is a pic…i think i figured out the wire it looks like its from the hood breaker for the non existant alarm.