Detached Clip/Wire Under Hood - Is it Important? (pictures)

I’m very ignorant about car repair, so I attached a couple pictures showing a “clip” (the gray headed wire at the bottom of the picture that is not attached to anything). My car recently died, I suspect due to a drained battery, and I hadn’t noticed this before, but it may be standing out to me more now as I look for problems. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew the purpose of this “clip.”

Further info: it’s a 92 Chevy Lumina and the battery is underneath the area pictured. I’ve tried to jump it, but can only get it to crank a couple times before failing.


If you can find no matching connector, I’d say it’s for an option you don’t have, e.g., fog lights. If you have a voltmeter or test light, you could check for voltage there with the car OFF, RUNNING, and with headlights ON for clues. I assume you’re putting in a new battery.

seriously doubt that wire is anything and doubt it would drain battery. What I would check though are all wires, positive (red) and negative and see if any are lose, or look for corrosion where main cables go into battery. I have found a lot of time, especially if its a side terminal, that I could actually move the cable with my hand, and would need tightened. Also, if there is no crank sound at all, just turn key and nothing, or maybe a little click sound, then that could be the starter. Usually easy way to tell if its a battery, is if it jumps with cables from another car (jumper cables).

I suspect that is the fuel pump test connector. Its used at the factory to power up the fuel pump and you can also put a test light on it to see if there is power to the fuel pump. Nothing to worry about but you do need to have a shop figure out what happened to make your car stall.