Water on floor

2002 pontiac grand prix

ussually after every rain storm there is water on the passenger side floor . And it does not smell like coolant . Does anyone know y and where its from

My best guess is that you have a leak at the base of the windshield. Have a good glass shop check for leaks in that area.

If it’s only after a rain, it’s probably a leak as already posted. If it’s about any time, then you have an airconditioning drain plugged. The condensate water is spilling onto the floor instead of going down the drain to to the ground. Quite common really.

If the AC drain is partially blocked, a heavy rain storm can overwhelm it with water, and the excess will overflow onto the floor. I had this happen to me once in a very heavy rainstorm, even though the AC drain was fully open and functioning

Check the drain tube and make sure it’s clear.

I would not rule out a blocked drain in the vent area in front of the windscreen.

This is a strong possibility. When I used to park my Grand Prix outside near pine trees, pine needles would accumulate under the hood near the windshield and would eventually plug the drain. This caused more problems when my vent/heater motors seized up. Have someone check the drain hose (mechanic basically snakes it with a piece of wire) to make sure it is clear.

Is the water on the front passenger or rear passenger floorboard? If you can pull up the carpet where ever it’s wet at. Have someone on the out side spray water over the outside of the car. Specificly around your passenger side windows and passenger side of the windshield while someone looks inside of car to see if they can find the leak. If you find the leak repair as needed and leave your carpets up so they will dry out.

Failed to mention to use a garden hose to check for the above leaks.