Mystery Dents and scratches roof of SUV

We have these massive dents and side to side scratches on the roof. Very symmetrical and spaced evenly. Oddly the roof rails are in damaged.
Only thing we can think of is the GMC dealer who did oil change and car wash. Any ideas?

Wow! Looks like the vehicule was raised too high on the lift and hit the garage ceiling.


Or someone repeatedly closed a garage door on top of it.


Did you not ask to see if it was possible for the dealers lift to raise vehicle high enough because without actually seeing the damage in person guess by pictures are just guesses.

I’m going with the lift theory.
Be sure you file a claim with the dealer immediately. They’re insured for this type of thing.

Yeah, me too. And the tech heard the crunch, so he knew it had happened and hoped the problem would go away if you failed to notice it in time.

How long ago was this oil change?

i backed a full size loaded van into my garage and than unloaded it. and than realized the rubber strip on bottom of garage door was now touching the van roof. hmm, now what? i aired the tires down and threw some heavy stuff into the van and just wiggled out.

Ask the dealer if it’s possible they accidentally did it while changing the oil or in their car wash. More likely it was done in their car wash machine than changing the oil I’m guessing. The lifts are usually positioned – for obvious reasons – so there’s not much chance of the tech bumping the car into anything overhead. If it didn’t happen at the dealership, there’s probably someone among your family/acquaintances who has driven the car recently who knows how it happened, but isn’t telling.

But perhaps not an SUV.
I’m going to stick with shop error pending any additional information.

Something heavy was dragged across the roof to leave those deep gouges, could be malfunctioning car wash equipment.

It would be very odd to have a low ceiling in the shop, how would they be able to work on vans and work trucks? Doubtful that damage occurred in the shop, more likely to be fallen tree damage.

I’d be blaming the person who let somebody use a forklift to put something on the roof.
Like a mattress, lumber, or something else.