2018 Ford Focus roof dents

has anybody had problems with roof dents

My guess is the dents were caused by hail. Have you ruled out that possibility?

What if we did? How would that help you?

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I got some rooof dents from hail on my 2002 Town and Country, could not see yhem from the ground because they were between the roof rails so I just pocketed the money from the comprehensive.

Yes I had hail dents all over my new car, Roof, hood, trunk. About 25 of them in various sizes. The body shop used a paintless dent removal guy and did a perfect job with no re-painting. The body shop said not everyone is as good so need to make sure they are quality. Insurance paid it so not sure what the bill was but somewhere around a thousand I think. I used them again on a larger fender dent on another car. Looked like a basketball hit it or something. Didn’t know if they would be able to get it all out but did a perfect job again, and the car was highly polished black, and couldn’t see a ripple at all.


I suspect the OP is thinking along the lines of a manufacturing defect and if more owners had experienced it that would bolster his case. Unfortunately for him, hail, squirrels dropping nuts, neighbor kids throwing rocks, etc. are all far more likely.

I’m with the other guys on this

They might very well be from hail damage

And if it was hail damage, have you filed a claim?

I don’t know whether this is still a “thing”, but a number of years ago there was a documented adolescent pattern of walking on the roofs, trunks, and hoods of cars for “laughs”.

Does this damaging type of behavior still exist? I have no idea, but I am offering this as yet another explanation for roof damage that would be something to discuss with an insurance company, instead of with the vehicle manufacturer.

But the OP didn’t tell us anything, only asked if anyone else had this. At that point, we are all speculating, as usual, and the OP has never come back to answer any of our questions.

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Unfortunately, Yes. Also unfortunately by “kids” old enough to know better.

+1 to Mustangman’s comment
Additionally, whether anyone else had a similar complaint or not, if the OP feels that he has a significant problem, he should discuss it with–first–the dealership, and then with his insurance company.

Dunno whether it happens or not. We don’t have many kids in our neighborhood. I certainly did stupider things when I was a kid. I was also thinking of the possibility of softballs hitting the roof of the car repeatedly. I wonder if the OP lives near a park? One other remote possibility is that someone dropped several somethings on the roof of the car during the assembly process and nobody noticed.

True enough but you go with the information you have. Sometimes that means speculating. I mean, why would he want to know? That’s fuel for speculation all by itself. The car is three years old and presumably he’s just now noticing? Hoping it’s covered under the bumper-to-bumper warranty? Is it a recent purchase? Who knows? Not me.

Does that warranty cover damage to the car’s body panels?
Somehow, I doubt it.

I firmly believe this is not a manufacturer’s defect . . . but a clear cut case for an insurance claim, due to hail, softballs, kids, etc.

I don’t know about for laughs but fairly common to see in videos of current protests. Stay out of the areas if you value your car. Police cars don’t seem to be exempt either.

If he could somehow prove it was the result of a manufacturing defect, i.e., that it had rolled off the assembly line with the damage already there, it might. Of course that’s extremely far fetched but I have a strange imagination.

Until this person posts a better description of these mystery dents why even bother speculating ?

what the heck . . . ?!

A car with a roof full of dents wouldn’t ordinarily be on the show room floor

You do have a rather strange imagination

Your mind races far ahead, in my opinion

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Oh, no argument there. :wink: Besides which, we’re not necessarily talking about “a roof full of dents” but maybe a couple of minor dimples that wouldn’t be obvious on a cursory inspection. Still very far fetched though.

First of all we have no squirrels and if there was they would have to be accurate as the dents are more or less even on both sides the dents are minute and hard to spot and get worse in hot weather may be where the roof was spot welded either way definitely not squirrels of hailstones or some one walking on the roof thanks for your input