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Mystery Car

For those of you car people, who like a good muscle car, high up on your list might be a car, that you don’t know that much about; Believed widely to be a heavily modified 1979 Ford Falcon XB GT, the Mad Max V-8 Pursuit Special (no it’s not an Interceptor). Can anyone confirm what kind of car it was once and for all?

According to some quick internet research the car in question was a “Ford Falcon XB sedan, 351 V8 engine, probably a 1974 model”.

the really good muscle cars came BEFORE 1973 :stuck_out_tongue:

Does that include Australia, where the car in question originated?

I thought that it was a rather sharp looking vehicle, even the second car used in Mad Max 2 was still a nice car to look at, even if they had given it a bit of a ratty look, I have read articles that say that the original car, in which the blower was operable, could crank out over 600 horsepower, and that they had taken it out for a run one day, and ran out of road at 160 MPH; but I have yet to find anyone who has any kind of specs on the car, be it the belief that it was a Falcon, or a Crown Victoria(I thought this was a bit far out myself), but there have never been any kind of specs on the vehicle or motor, just beliefs and guesses.