2005 Rav4

2005 Rav4
There is a button on the shifter (auto trans)
There is another button on the shifter panel forward of the Park positon. The cover fro button is missing. Someone took it off … i assume because it doesnt work. The push mechanism is still there but doesnt seem to do anything. From my experience with toyotas this is a Power/Economy button. I did a search and the manuals i found dont show this button.
Anybody know? and how might i make it functional as to put it on economy. It feels like it must be on Power now (if thats what the button does.



Not quite sure which buttons you are referring to but; we have an05 RAV and the button on the shifter locks out the OD ( over drive) to be used around town driving. The little panel that is removed, I believe might cover a button that allows you to move or unlock the shifter without the key. There are no buttons to change shift settings for economy or power.

I know about the OD button is on the side of the shifted.

Why would you want to unlock the shifter without the key?

The cover that is missing is the cover for the shift-lock override. Suppose your battery is completely dead and you need to tow or move the car. You’ll need to move the shifter to neutral. You need to insert a small screwdriver or your key into the hole to move the shifter.