Intermittent low pitch metallic clattering only between 65 mph & 75 mph

For the past year or so, I have noticed an intermittent faint low pitch metallic clattering or jangling noise coming from under the driver’s side at speeds only between 65 mph & 75 mph - no such noise below speeds of 65 mph or above 75 mph. First noticed it very faint and has gotten only slightly louder relative to when the noise began. The most puzzling part of the noise is that it sometimes happens at speeds between 65 mph and 75 mph but other times it does not happen in the same speed parameter. Please help!

Have someone check for a loose exhaust heat shield.


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Thank you. Will do.
Would you mind sharing why it could be causing that noise only between those speeds?

The under engine cover may be loose and fluttering.

Heat shields can start to make noise at certain frequencies where they resonate/vibrate at certain speeds/RPM’s.



Very helpful.
Thank you, again.

Thank you.
Will have that checked that as well

In some cases, they will make noise only at idle speed. In other cases, the problem can crop-up at virtually any speed or RPM range–depending on the specific car and exactly how its heat shield has been damaged/loosened.

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