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I have a 2001 Ford Focus, lately on occasion, not all the time when I turn the key nothing happens, the car doesn’t start. I then turn the key back and forth a few time and turn the wheel a few times and then it start and runs fine and I may not have this happen again for a few weeks or it may happen the next day.

What do you mean by nothing happens??

Does the engine turn over???

If it doesn’t turn over then it’s NOT the ignition…Sounds like an ignition switch.

The engine does not turn over. How much does an ignition swith cost to fix and how long does it take? Can I go to a regular mechanic or should I go to the dealer or Firestorne or Midas?

More than likely it’s the starter or the battery. Have the battery tested, then replace the starter.

Doesn’t sound like a battery problem to me…

How many battery problems have you seen where by jiggling the ignition switch it starts?? Batteries are either working or their NOT working.

The next time this happens, try starting the Focus in Neutral. The Neutral Safety (Interlock) switch may be out of adjustment.

Ed B.

I always start the car in neutral. I want to stress this doesn’t happen all the time. It happened yesterday and today. It happened a few weeks ago.

I am the tech manager at Autolite. I have seen many Focus vehicles in my shop that have issues with the security chip imbedded in the key. You should have a dealer install a new ignition switch and program some new keys. I have tried using aftermarket switches and keys in these vehicles with little luck.

Thank you. How many hundreds of dollars will this cost. 1 1/2 years ago I had to have keys made at the dealer because I couldn’t get the key out of the iginition and it was $700 plus.

A 2001 Focus with a chip in the key? Not very likely…First clean your battery terminals. Corrosion can cause a no crank problem…Clue. Turn the key from off to on. The dashboard warning lights should all light up. Turn the key to “start”, the lights should stay on, the engine should crank…If the engine won’t crank and the lights all go out, clean the battery connections and it that doesn’t cure it, replace the ignition switch which is NOT located at the column lock where you put the key in! It’s down on top of the steering column near the brake pedal arm, connected to the lock with a long rod…Very difficult to get to.

The key does have a chip in it.

Thank you for your input. After reviewing all the answers I tried changing the key I was using. I had a spare key. The car has started every time for the past week.