My wife's car



My wife’s car is a 2004 Volvo v70 5 cyl turbo, auto trans. For the most part, an excellent car (read, paid for). It will quit unexpectedly (well, not so unexpectedly now)while moving, usually in a turn. It is not every time, just when the spirit moves it. Check engine light occasionally, but not always when this happens. NO fuid losses,change in performance otherwise, mileage change. It does eat light bulbs, however. It’s favorite is the low beam headlight and something called the ‘position indicator’ bulb which no one so far has been able to identify. It is not the bulb that tells you if you are in drive, neutral, etc.

About 115,000 miles.


If you’re getting a light, you’ve probably got some fault codes stored in he computer. See if you can get the codes read and post them here.

Often if a vehicle stalls while turning the cause is in the steering column itself. But let’s start with codes.

By the way, if it truely eats bulbs the problem may lie in the alternator, specifically the regulator potion. Have the voltages checked at the local AutoZone.


By all means read the stored codes.

“Eating light bulbs” might be a symptom of a high charging voltage caused by a bad alternator voltage regulator or corroded terminal(s).