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2003 Volvo V70 stalls on turns

My Volvo has been stalling when I make turns, esp. left-hand turns. The lights stay on as well as dashboard lights, but the engine and steering die completely. I can start the car up right after that. Nothing seems to come up on my mech. diagnostics but I’m finding a lot of similar complaints from other Volvo owners in online forums as a recall issue. Volvo says there is no recall on my VIN. I’m afraid to put my kids in the car as it stalled on me in a busy intersection the other day, and 3 times in one hour! We had one pressure sensor replaced but it’s still stalling-I don’t want to pay for anymore wrong parts to be replaced. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you! Angie

I’ve owned Volvo’s, yours is getting old and will be a very expensive car due to repairs. Volvo’s need expensive repairs frequently. Your best option is to sell it. It is likely a fuel problem, a new fuel pump will be over $1,000. Don’t pay for any repairs unless and until they resolve the problem. Which means you have to drive the car for about a month making lots of left hand turns with no more stalling.

My guess Volvo techs have no idea what to do and will start replacing part after part. Sell it, because once this is fixed something else will go awry in a month or so. There are lots of safe cars out there. The Volvo safety advantages aren’t worth the high costs of repairing them.