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My Versa makes a gurgling noise when I accelerate. I have been told many things from my dealership from it's the way I drive to that is a normal sound. Is it normal? If it was why did it start 5 months after I bought the car?

I have been hearing a gurgelling sound arch time I accelerate. They tell me it’s a normal sound. I can’t believe that it’s a normal sound. If it was. No one would ever buy this car. Thoughts?

Has anybody bothered to check the level of the coolant? A low coolant level can produce a gurgling sound. Just be sure that the radiator is stone cold before you open the cap.

You did not list the year of vehicle or say if you bought new or used. If you are asking for warranty work or actually having a mechanic look at it. If this is something you will have to pay for find an independent garage and expect to at least spend $100.00 to find the problem.

When someone says it is the way you drive that really means go away.

Volvo_V70 makes a very good point. If this Versa is a new car with a factory warranty, then this issue is appropriate for a Nissan dealership to resolve at no cost to the OP. On the other hand, if this Versa was purchased as a used vehicle, then the OP needs to find a qualified independent mechanic’s shop.

It is a 2014 which had warrantee when the issue was identified. I went to them yesterday and asked for a report of what they have been doing to my car and it just so happens that they didn’t keep any records

If you feel that you have not been treated well by the dealership, then you should contact the manufacturer. Contact information–including a toll-free phone number–can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Have someone check the drain hose on your air conditioner. If the hose is kinked or clogged, it might be water stuck in the system sloshing around.

That would explain why it’s only done it recently.

It sure would be fun to bet on the outcome of this, because I think the odds are with me.

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The gurgling noise you hear when accelerating is caused from air being trapped in the cooling system.

When you accelerate, the water pump spins faster. The air/coolant mix together and when it enters the heater core it makes a gurgling noise.

Have the dealer purge the cooling system of any air to get rid of the noise.


You said you have only had it for 5 months. That means a used vehicle sold as is unless you bought some kind of warranty. I don’t understand the don’t keep records part if this is a new dealer place. I hope this is not one of those " Buy here-Pay here " places.

If a vehicle is sold with the standard factory warranty still in effect, that warranty is transferred over to the new owner.


I believe the Nissan Versa warranty from factory is 36000 miles or 36 months with 60000 mile drive line. This thing may be past the original warranty.

Did you ever think the original owner bought the vehicle in July of 2014?

And the vehicle has only 31,000 miles on it?

Besides, if the vehicle was brought in for the problem while it was under warranty, and now the vehicle is out of warranty, the dealer still has to honor the original warranty for the complaint.

This is what is called an ongoing warranty issue.


Relax Tester, it does not matter what I think. Until the OP gives enough info anything is possible.

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Not necessarily. Sometimes car dealerships throw in their own warranty.

Here is one example:

They have done that and it come so back about 7 days later. I can’t convince them that there is a leak.

The car was still under warranty when I bought it and when the issue was identified

In that case I think you need to check your manual for the number for Nissan corporate and elevate this if the dealership still can’t fix it

Then this is called an ongoing warranty issue.

And you keep bringing the vehicle back to the dealer, and you tell them, you’ll continue to do so until one of their so-called techs can figure out what’s going on.


Does the sound change depending on whether the passenger compartment heater is full on to max heat or completely off?

No. That makes no difference. Hot or cold. And only when you press on the accelerator even going 100km/h (70mph) or doing 20km/h (5mph). Same sound