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Strange engine noise nissan versa

hello guys there is strange noise in the engine as you can see in the attached video. it is generally appear after I drive for about 15 min. it is not always appearing but usually when I lift the hood I can hear it. it is similar to air sound or something like that.
if ome one know what is the case of such problem, I would appreciate that.


I don’t watch videos from unknown sources that I have to download to my laptop to view.

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I don’t see any video, but it would have to be something very special to let me SEE a NOISE !

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sorry guys for inconvenience! now I uploaded it on youtube

I uploaded on youtube. thank you

I’m hearing a regular, rapid pop-pop-pop that could be an exhaust manifold leak. It would be more informative if you could have someone blip the throttle a few times while recording.

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thank you insightful for your comments. I will check that and get back with feedback. Also I will make another video when The problem appear because as I said that the engine noise don’t happen always but randomly periods.

thank you again :wink: