1996 dodge grand caravan 3.3 liter engine

I have a 1996 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3 liter engine. Last year the fuel pump went out and was replaced. shortly thereafter the van started “bucking” and stalling like it was not getting any gas. I replaced the fuel pump with a second one but the problem continued. This was during the summer. As soon as the weather cooled the problem went away. this summer however the problem returned and a third fuel pump of a different brand was installed but the problem continues. It is like the vapor lock problem older cars experienced in the past. The van has always restarted immediately after stalling out and starts fine in the morning. The problem usually occurs after driving it around town and making several stops and starts. Any suggestions?

I would look at the power supply going to the pump. The woltage supply problem may only crop up when the problem exists which will make troubleshooting difficult. There usually is a relay that switches battery power to the pump. The computer usually activates this relay. Also I seem to remember that the Chrysler vans have the relay box near or under the battery causing problems with acid contamination at the relay plug in contacts. So check the fuse that feeds the relay, the fuse contacts, the relay, the relay plug, the wiring from the fuse to the relay, the wiring from the relay to the pump, and the ground (if there is one) from the pump to the chassis ground.

Let us know what you find.

thank you for your reply, I will check the electrical items you suggested

While you may be on the right track with the power supply to the fuel pump, I would also consider spark. The secondary (spark) electrical system can become temperature sensitive. ( coils & wires )

Also has the fuel filter been replaced? Why has everyone been thinking it is fuel pump? Anyone check the fuel pump relay?

Another good site for discussion of Daimler-Chrysler cars is allpar.com . There’s a minivan forum there.

Why are you automatically assuming the problem is the fuel pump? There’s a handful of other things that will cause the same symptoms.

Any Check Engine Light ever come on during all of this?
Ever had the codes pulled?

thanks for the response. the fuel filter was changed every time the fuel pump was replaced. the check engine light has come on periodcally and when i had the computer checked it indicated either the map sensor or throttle sensor was the cause. Are these sensors capable of causing a car to completely stall out? the mechanic also said it may be the coil?

Thank you for your advice on the 1996 caravan having what appeared to be fuel problems. I had the codes pulled and they indicated the map sensor and throttle position sensor were malfunctioning. I replaced those and so far the problem seems to be corrected. thanks again.