My steering is out of alignment, why?


the wheel needs to be turned hard to the left or right to make simple turns, and sometimes it dosn’t so it at all, its like something needs to tightened or something just not catching everytime, is it my tie rods, cv joints, or bearings, or is there something else i can add to that list it might be?


Assuming that your steering mechanism is of the rack & pinion type, I would suspect that you have a bad steering rack. However, I would not delay long enough to get a list of potential problem areas from the people on this board.

From the way that you describe it, there is a possibility that you could suddenly lose the ability to steer the car, and that would not make for a good day. This is a potentially dangerous condition and you need to get the car into a trusted mechanic (not a chain operation!) for a front-end inspection a.s.a.p.!


Based on your description, I suggest you have this vehicle TOWED to a repair shop. I don’t think it’s safe to drive. Steering is important; if it isn’t working properly you could easily, and quickly, lose control of the vehicle.


It would be a huge help to know the year, make and model of the vehicle.

I agree that it might be the power steering system. The spool valve, the pump, even the fluid having leaked out are all possibilities. It’s also possible that a ball joint is bound up. I strongly agree that the vehicle is unsafe to drive and should be towed.

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Note: I posted the following, previously, in your other thread, but since I haven’t seen an acknowledgement from you that you appreciate a possible danger, I’m repeating it here.
I see more warnings here, so I hope you will, accordingly, use caution.
Dale Myers:

I agree with Cougar.
First, I may misunderstand the description, but it sounds like there could be slippage in the rotating parts of the steering or maybe a broken mount somewhere in the steering or suspension.
Either of these conditions raises serious safety concerns, especially since your situation sounds like there may be breakage or excessive wear to crucial parts.
I don’t see how tie rods could be implicated here unless they were about to fall apart from wear.
Although incorrect tie rod adjustment, could result in the steering wheel not centering, if you are saying this is an intermittent occurrance, that would suggest possible disengagement (slipping) of rotataing parts, or other dire conditions.
Do not use the vehicle unless you are convinced the cause is not something of this nature.

Dale Myers

In response to your original question: I also can’t tell you if the tie rods from the the two car models you mentioned would interchange, but there is a lot of variation in steering design, so I’d guess they probably would not.