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My shock mount blew off Honda Accord 07

I hit a pot hole and now I can see my shock from this inside of my cab. Do I need to get a new shock assembly or just the shock mount

Can you post a picture of the other side, so we can see what it looked like before this happened?

What year is the vehicle?

You need a new upper strut mount.

Replace both sides.


Back right rear

Okay I bought a single mount , is it okay to do the one side or is the other side compromised?

There ya go

You usually want to replace suspension components in pairs.

But in this case you can do one side and then the other side later.

Just don’t hit a bump on the other side.


Thanks but now the pic of the broken side is gone.

There should be two rubber bushings on the top of that shock absorber, the lower bushing and washer have slipped passed the retaining step on the shaft allowing the shaft to come through the mount.

Replace both rear shock absorbers.

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The replacement mount I bought comes with two rubber bushings, two washers and a bolt. But what your saying is to replace the shocks because they don’t have the anchor washer on the rod?

Take a look at the lower part of the shock to see what failed. If it was the washer, you have new washers. Inspect the rod for scars or scratches that may have been caused by the washer, any damage to the rod can cause the shock absorber to leak.