Dealership only replacing one strut?

I just recently purchased a 2016 Dodge Journey Crossroad from Henkel Automotive. I had to return the vehicle the day after I got it due to the vehicle constantly pulling to the curb.
They thought it was an alignment issue. Well now they are claiming it’s a strut issue. They stated they will replace the strut and do a new alignment. Should they replace both? I’ve heard rumors that you must replace them in pairs? If they both should be replaced, how do I go about this situation? I’ve already caught the dealership in a lie pertaining to this situation. They claimed the alignment was done on the vehicle before, but then they said that an alignment couldnt be done when there is an issue with a strut… Please HELP!!! I dont want to get screwed over!

Struts/shock absorbers are always replaced in pairs.

Any one who say’s otherwise? I wouldn’t let them touch my vehicle.



How recent ? Was there any kind of warranty ? If no warranty then they could refuse to even do the one strut at their expense . If that is the case then you might consider paying for the other strut .

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Replace both struts. In the days when I had my shoes repaired, I would have new soles replaced on both shoes even if only one shoe had a hole. I didn’t want to be out of balance when I walk and you don’t want your vehicle unbalanced when you drive.
I once had a shop.put on a mismatched set of shock absorbers on a Ford Maverick I once owned. I could tell immediately that it wasn’t right. I finally got the shop to give me a shock that matched one of the shocks, but the shop wanted to charge me for the installation. I took the shock absorber and replaced it myself. I also never did business with that shop again.

I got the vehicle on Tuesday. I took it back the next morning due to having to work Tuesday after I picked it up. But I notified the dealership of the issue the same day I got it. I have 2 warranties on the vehicle. They are stating that they will replace it for free…but I told them I’m pretty sure you have to replace them in pairs. I just dont want to get screwed over or hurt. I’ve been told if you dont replace both at the same time then the older one left on the vehicle could be damaged more and possible break.

2 warranties ? One is the factory drive line and the other an extended that you bought ? The almost worthless extended warranty you may have is only going to replace what they have to so I think you are back to paying for the other strut unless this dealer does the right thing.

Did you not test drive this ?

What do you suggest I do? I’m at a loss right now.

They claimed that they lost the key fob to the vehicle so they made me test drive a similar vehicle. Only difference was the color and tires. And the first warranty is a 3 month one that states they fix anything wrong with the vehicle for just a $50 deductible. The only reason they stated theyd fix it for free is because I didnt even have the darn SUV for over 24 hours…

You could always ask, **"Let’s do it right the first time, and then let’s see what happens. **

But then, you’re asking logic to enter the thought process.

Good luck with that!


It’s entirely possible the warranty only covers the broken part, and not the part that should be replaced along with the broken part.

Put another way, when you run over a nail, the road hazard warranty only covers the tire with the nail in it. It does not cover the tire on the other side of the car that you have to replace at the same time.


That was a HUGE mistake on your part

Test drive the vehicle you want to buy . . . or walk away and do business with another dealer


While it is best to replace both, its not really that big of a deal to only replace one, especially on a newer vehicle. You will have a new strut and an almost new strut. I would just make sure they use a matching OEM part.

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The warranty covers anything wrong with the vehicle… doesnt matter how much the initial cost of the fix is. They stated all I’d have to pay is the deductible fee.

Yes I understand it was bad on my part. But when I was lied to that wasn’t really my fault. If the supposed first alignment had actually been attempted, like they claimed, they would’ve caught the issue before hand…

It could turn out fine because it is a newer car and a newer strut on the other side. If you want you could try to make a case and ask for a buyback and walk away. Mistakes happen and either let them replace this one and save up to have them both replace a little later is another option. Unfortunately Michigan lemon laws don’t cover used cars sales.

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Lots of questions but if a 2016 is pulling, I’m thinking maybe you should check for damage from an accident.


And that’s how they wiggle out of it. There’s nothing wrong with the other strut, so the warranty doesn’t cover it.


They are claiming the warranty DOES cover it. But they said they would waive the fee because I had just got the vehicle the same day… only thing I’m worried about is if they will replace the other strut as well considering you should replace them both at the same time…

Allow them to repair the vehicle and relax. It is corporate policy to replace only the failed strut or shock absorber, you don’t get a new set if only one has failed. I have replaced hundreds of shocks/struts under warranty and as far as I know nobody has died.

It seems that the factory warranty has expired for your vehicle and you are dealing with a “Used Car” warranty, even so they will adhere to the factory policy and not the Midas or Meineke sales technique of replacing all of the shocks and struts because the after market replacements do not match the original dampers.

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Ideally, struts or shocks should always be replaced in pairs. The dealer is trying to cheap out is all.

What is the reasoning as to why that strut needs to be replaced? It has to be something obvious like an oil leak, mushy ride on that corner, or physical damage.

Any chance this car has been hit at some point in the past and repaired? If the strut is damaged due to a collision, curb strike, or what have you I would be very concerned about there being other damage. That could involve bent control arms, damaged steering knuckles,strut towers, or even a tweaked subframe. Damage to any or all of them could lead to a pull.