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Saturn turn key and nothing!

Parked car at work. Finish work, try to start car, turn key all dash lights good , nothing happens. Battery good. Starter?? Hit with broom handle an hammer. Nothing. Fuses All OK. Jiggle wires Nothing. When turn key to start can hear a faint click in center console area behind radio ( 4 years old btw) Relay? Having a heat wave here in NJ. One more thing… electric door locks no longer work, must use key. Windows open and close OK. Radio and all fans OK.

Any thoughts?!

Just for the fun of it, remove both battery cables and clean them…Then, from underneath, check the connections on the starter. One of the wires connected to the starter, a single wire on a single post, will be the “start” signal wire to the solenoid. While a helper holds the key to “start”, you should see 12 volts appear on this wire… If not, you have a wiring problem. If 12 volts does appear, you have a bad starter…

Turn on the headlights and have a helper try to start the car while you watch the headlights. If the headlights dim a considerable amount or go out altogether, you aren’t getting enough power from he battery. The battery may have enough power to light the bulbs in the dash, but not enough to crank the engine. As another post suggested, it may also be battery cables that need to be cleaned.

corrosion on some relay under dash

battery good