04 Frontier AC problems

My AC went last fall. I saw signs of a leak in the high pressure line. Took it to the Nissan dealer last week and they diagnosed the same problem. They changed the HP line ($360). Told me it was good, but when they pulled it up, no AC. They took it back in and said the low pressure line was leaking as well so they changed it ($130). Still didn’t work, although it was a little cooler but the compressor seemed pretty loud. Told me they thought it might be the thermistor. Offered to replace it for $480 so I bought the sensor for $29 and replaced it myself. AC seemed to work, but sure enough, it only blows slightly cool air and the compressor is still making a bit of noise. Don’t know what it might be from here, but not interested in going back do dealer - they weren’t very effective and were pretty expensive. Any thoughts?

Diagnosing an A/C problem can be near impossible over the internet without knowing system pressures, how the compressor is cycling, whether the blend door is operating correctly, etc.

A/C system leaks lead to a loss of refrigerant oil and based on the noisy compressor, it could be that the compressor is on the way out due to loss of that oil. One would hope that the dealer would have added some oil to the system and if it’s noisy in spite of that then it could be time for a compressor replacement.

Thanks. I’m afraid you are probably right, but was hoping there might be something else to consider before replacement.