Nissan Frontier 2000 - AC Problem

Hello, I have a 2000 Nissan Frontier. About 4 months ago I felt the truck is not cooling enough when the AC is on. So I fed a can of freon purchased as Autozone. It worked for a while (For about 6 weeks). Again I felt the coolness if falling down. I bought a temp gage and stick it into the air hole in the cabin. The max performance is 60deg when it should have been about 38-40 deg. So I fed another can. It worked for a while again but this time the coldness start falling down after about 3 weeks. Like this I tried 3-4 times feeding with freon cans. Every time feed in, the length of time the coldness holds was falling down. Now the trouble is the Compressor never gets kick off. I do not hear at all it starts up when the AC button is pressed on the driver’s cabin switch board. What could be the problem?

If you have to keep adding refrigerant to get the AC to work, and then it fails to function a short time later, there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere. You need to bring it into someone who has a refrigerant sniffer to locate the leak, and then have the leak repaired.


Is the compressor broken?