Air Conditioning

My question is about the air conditioning system in my (4x4) 2001 Nissan Frontier, that recently was not working as it should; so I added one can of 12oz of R-134 (as recommended in the manual) until emptied; 2 days later, it’s stopped working again. I know the compressor is working because during the re-filling it was functioning. The last time i added Freon was a couple of years ago and lasted until this year. But but now, it doesn’t seem to last. There is no visible leak and I am afraid to add more R-134 and cause more damage. I have heard that these model vehicles have a bad history in their air conditioning systems. I don’t know a “friendly” repair shop mechanic that can identify and fix the problem; so I am turning to you guys hoping for a clue and/or “do it yourself” method i can use. I am not mechanically inclined, but have some basic understanding that has helped me save some money in the past by reading and doing it myself; my wife thinks very highly of me since I have been saving us some money; but now I am stumped and she wants to me to take it to a mechaninc; but I am not giving up just yet; help me so I can show off to my wife again and regain my status as the great husband that she thinks that I am.

Thank you

Sileshi from Northern Virgina

Auto A/C is not a DIY project for the typical car owner.
You really need to take the truck to a specialist auto A/C shop where they have the ultrasonic equipment necessary to find the leak in the system.

The only thing I would say - and that is b/c I have done it myself - is that if you have a low-side pressure gauge and can add a can of 134, pick up a can that has dye in it. Put that in there. This way the leak can be identified so that a shop can fix it, but by adding the dye yourself you save some charges for labor time and materials.

If you are adding this without a pressure gauge, I would just say that’s a bad idea and just go to the shop rather than doing anything else.

But, in general, as VDC said, AC isn’t a DIY project - at the very least the equipment needed is not within reach, and full servicing really requires the training.

Thanks guys. i used the can with pressure gauge and dye already.
Looks like i have to visit a repair shop. If anyone is in N. VA, please refer me to a well known/honest repair shop.