DB9 Power Seats

My wife’s power drivers seat will only move forward not back. Fuses all look good and the passenger seat operates fine. If this continues and she hits the button again she will need to be shorter than the 5’ she is already. No chance at this point I can fit in the car.

What model year is your Aston Martin, and how many miles are on it? You should take it to your dealer or an exotic car repair shop in any case. But if it is new enough, this will be warranty work.

Switch or motor but I suspect you’ve got a switch problem if the motor works. The switch I believe just reverses the motor.

+1 for @Bing. I think you have a switch problem as well.

I’m going to offer a different opinion, based on personal experience

When I worked at the Benz dealership, most of those cars had power seats, and some of them had OP’s exact same problem

In most of these cases, the motor itself was the problem. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe these seat motors had sensors, and the failed sensors were the root cause.

The reason I don’t think the switch or the control module is the problem is also based on experience. In those cases I just mentioned, I used my fluke to verify that the switch and the module were indeed sending the correct signals