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My Jeep shakes when it hits a rough spot

My '93 jeep cherokee 2 wd has 304,000 miles on it. When I hit a rough spot on the road once in a while the front end jumps and shakes. When I hit the brakes to pull over it

stops and its fine for another day or month or so. What is going on?

What you are experiencing is called “shimmy”. First, make sure the tires are balanced dynamically. Most likely, there is something loose in the front suspension. Start by checking steering damper if there is one. Then, check the tie rod ends, idle arm, and pitman arm for play. Look for play in the steering box when on center. Then, look at ball joints and upper and lower A arm bushings. Also be on the lookout for any cracks in the A arms or frame mounts. If everything checks out, do a front end alignment.

With all the mileage on this vehicle it is likely you are ready for a complete front end rebuild.