Shimmy in front end

My 2003 cherokee developed a shimmy,it has 120,000 miles. Begins at 45mph and stops at 50mph. And then only sometimes.It was scary at first.Had a wheel balance,tire change and alignment done. Not so severe now, but still present and again, only at times. Had the front end checked: Al nice and tight.

When I brake when comming to a slow stop the brakes seem to break unevenly!(Hesitation)? Could the shimmy come from there? Why do they shimmy only sometimes!!! Guenter

It could be coming from several places.

Let’s do a quick elimination. Have the back tyres put on the front and the front on the back. It is has anything to do with the wheels or tyres, it should feel different after the switch.

Of course having the brakes checked is never a bad idea assuming you are having them checked by someone who knows that they are doing and you trust them.  

I would not rule out bearings either.