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My Jeep needs Help!

My 2005 Wrangler is vibrating insanely when I depress the brakes at or above 55mph. A tire guy said it was tires and sold my sweetie 4 new ones, but the problem remains and everyone is scratching their heads. Help!

I’m assuming the four new tires were properly balanced when they were installed. Has anyone checked for warped brake rotors?

Since the vibration only occurred during braking, it is probably a rotor problem as Mcparadise stated. Also check that the wheel lug nuts are torqued to spec.

Warped Brake Rotors Can Cause A Problem Like The One You Describe.

Does the Jeep every shimmy over bumps in the road? I would deal with the brake rotors and at that time have the suspension and steering components checked for wear and looseness.

Check the Jeep’s steering damper (5th shock absorber) that is designed to prevent shimmy. These will wear out and accentuate any cause of a shimmy.