Shuddering Camry upon braking

I have a 2009 Camry v6. The car shudders and the steering wheel shakes when I tap the brakes if I am going over 40 mph. I keep it aligned and I have good tires on it. It has been doing this for awhile.

what could be the problem?

Sounds like the front brakes pulsating, When was the last time you had your brakes inspected? Can you also feel the vibration in the brake pedal?

More specifically, it sounds like the brake rotors are warped–which isn’t actually that unusual.

While it is possible that you can have the rotors machined in order to “true” them, don’t be too surprised if you are told that you need to replace the rotors. The cost of replacing the rotors actually isn’t that much more than the cost of machining them.

Warped rotors. Get new rotors. Turned rotors warp faster.

Count this as a third vote for warped rotors.