Jeep vibrating steering wheel

I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty. When I depress the brakes at highway speeds I get a vibration in the steering wheel. I speeds under 40, I don’t notice the vibration. Could it possibly be brakes, warped rotors or out of balance tires?

Sounds like a warped front brake rotor. If it were a tire, you’d fell it whether braking or not.

I’d have the rotors checked. Sounds like one or more is warped.

I agree about the warped brake rotors. Many people don’t notice brake pulsation at lower speeds unless it is a particularly bad case. You would feel a tire problem or wheel balance problem whether using the brakes or not. Have a thorough brake inspection done by a reputable mechanic and, if you still have good pad life left and enough thickness in the rotors, you may be able to just have the rotors machined. A runout test will point to rotor warpage and tell you the severity of the warpage.