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My Jeep is making a popping noise when I turn

When ever I turn left it seems like something in my steering linkage is popping out of place. Its done it sense I’ve had it. Ive spent hours underneath it trying to figure it out but it only pops when its on the ground and theres pressure on the tires, jack in the air theres no pop. Any ideas?

You might want to check the lower ball joints for wear. To do this, raise the vehicle by the lower control arm of the ball joint you want to check until the tire is 5"-6" off the floor. With a 4’-5’ long pry bar or 2X4, place one end under the tire. With someone observing the ball joint, pry up on the tire and release repeatidly. If the ball joint is worn it will be observed moving up and down in it’s socket.


it sounds a little like CVjoints.

My vote is for a CV Joint

One pop each turn? (more likely ball joint, though also look at tie rod ends). Or multiple pops most of the way through turning? (more likely CV joint).