Steering question

I just noticed this issue with my car yesterday. I have a 98 cavalier w/ ~185k miles. When making hard turns at low speeds (parking lot situations) I both hear a popping sound from the left front wheel and feel the sensation as if driving over a 2x4. What is most likely the cause, and how hard is it to fix?

Thank you

I suppose this could also be related to the suspension.

You Could Have A Bad Strut Mount Bearing / Spring Seat. You Can Eventually Break The Spring If It’s Not Fixed. That Could Blow A Tire. That Can Cause A Crash.

The strut / spring would have to be removed and the mount / bearing replaced and an alignment done.

This is just one possible scenerio. There are others. I’d have it checked by a professional. Maybe they will prove this guess wrong and tell you what’s causing this.


CV joints are quite durable on these cars but they are worth considering too.

Will It Do It When You Are Stopped And Turning The Wheels? If Not Then Wha Who?'s Assessment Of CV Joints Is Probably The Best One So Far.


So I replaced the axle on the side from which I heard the noise coming, the left side. Nothing changed. Loud popping, crunching on sharp turns in both forward and reverse. I’m pretty sure there’s a problem with the differential, and now I commence drinking.